Red Vines Shibori Earrings


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This shibori-soutache earring uses a Swarovski stone as a focal stone that is wrapped up with soutache thread like vines. On each end of the vine there is another Swarovski stone that sparkles in a mix of pink and orange.
The backing is genuine lambskin leather.

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Baroque Flower Earrings


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This soutache earring uses two beautiful Chrysocolla cabochons as its focal stone that is hugged by gold and white soutache thread and an opal Swarovski chain.
The backing is genuine lambskin leather.

The elaborate design makes this earring perfect for the bride or any formal occasion.

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Byzantine Shibori Earrings


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The Shibori ribbon nicely makes waves in the middle of the earring and in perfect harmony with the lower part – which is the center of attention with that beautiful gold Swarovski stone. The upper Scarabeus green Swarovski makes the whole composition more lively. The gold Japanese beads and shiny soutache thread give extra sparkle and make the earring more elegant.

The backing is genuine lambskin leather.

You can take further look at them here.